At the request of the National Cancer Institute’s Division of Cancer Control and Population Health, Cancer Prevention and Control’s (CPC) Program to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening (WV PICCS) is featured in their new publication, Implementation Science at a Glance. Designed specifically for cancer control researchers and practitioners, Implementation Science at a Glance provides a succinct overview of this field.

The 30-page workbook was written by members of the NCI implementation Science team and reviewed by nearly 100 public health practitioners and implementation science researchers. CPC staff participating as contributors and reviewers included Amy Allen, MS, MA, Mary Ellen Conn, MS, and Stephenie Kennedy-Rea, EdD. Through summaries of key theories, methods, and models, the guide shows how greater use of implementation science can support the effective adoption of evidence-based interventions. Case studies, which includes WV PICCS on page 33, illustrate how practitioners are successfully applying implementation science in their cancer control programs.

NCI describes implementation science as a rapidly advancing field. Researchers from many disciplines are studying and evaluating how evidence-based guidelines, interventions, and programs are put into practice.

WV PICCS is using evidence-based interventions to promote colorectal cancer screening in West Virginia communities you can contact Mary Ellen Conn at for more information.


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